Sincerely, Bushy Brows

ism “Hey there, Bushy Brows,” a boy in my class shouted as he ran passed me during recess.

Um…what did I just get called?


5th grade is a tough time for anyone. Girls are having their first periods, starting to sweat and growing hair in all of the wrong places. We’ve all been there. As you begin to hit puberty another thing happens along side of it, you start to notice your appearance. I’m not saying you finally realize that you have brown hair and blue eyes or that you are wearing two layered up Shade shirts from Downeast Outfitters (oh bless my fashionless 11 year old soul), but you start to care.

This was the turning point of my elementary school self. Did I have bushy eyebrows? Have I had these massive brows all this time? Is this what I have amounted to??

The bushy brows nickname stuck until the day I graduated Grandview elementary. Thanks to those boys in my class, my eyebrows were one of my biggest insecurities growing up. I remember a time that I took some tweezers out of my moms makeup bag and started picking away at the hairs on my face. The problem was I had no idea what the in hell I was doing. I was plucking hairs in the middle of my eyebrows thinking this would make them “less bushy” while in reality it was making them look like a pulpy bathroom rug that was pulled out of a garbage disposal.  Not a great look as you can imagine.

After this ineffective remodeling, I gathered the confidence to ask my mom if she could help me. So she did. My eyebrows were waxed. I was a new woman! But the thing was, I still didn’t love them because they didn’t match my face like my old ones did. In all truth, I liked my thick brows.

When someone tells you there’s something wrong with you, too often we believe them.

I changed my appearance to feel accepted and as a result, I felt worse! As time went on, I slowly began to accept that not everyone would like my brows and I let them grow back in. Waxing eyebrows are a pain in the ass, anyway. Eventually I accepted them and proudly supported my bushy brow title.

Whenever I face swap with anyone on Snapchat my eyebrows take up half of their face, but hey! Life is about acceptance and loving every part of yourself. Or at least one part at a time.



Evolution of the brows




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