Beauty tips I learned from my dad

My self confidence is something my dad has always invested himself in. From building my confidence to enter a middle school talent show to my decision to get bangs (never again), my dad has unfailingly been my support. Beauty is a huge part of my life and while I learned many things from my mom and older sister, my dad has taught me somethings along the way, as well.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin.

Growing up in Utah County undoubtedly held back my desire to show off my shoulders, let alone any other portion of my skin. I think back on my 12th birthday. The gift I received from my parents was a trip to Anthropology and getting to pick out whatever dress I wanted. At this age, fashion and beauty were at the horizon of my mind so I was obviously hypnotized by the delicate laces, detailed embroidery and simple designs of every garment in that store. But one dress caught my eye. It was a brightly colored, floral tank dress that flowed a few inches above my knee. I was almost too embarrassed to ask for this dress because it went against my church’s modesty standards so instead of picking it off the racks, I left it. My dad noticed my eyes relentlessly wandering back to the dress and decided to pick it up himself and told me to try it on. As I was in the dressing room, mesmerized by the fabric and fit, I told my parents that I could wear a shirt underneath so my shoulders would be covered and that I could wear leggings so my legs wouldn’t be on display. My dad scoffed and said, “it’s just a leg!” He was right. It was just a leg and just a shoulder and with those few words, I felt liberated. I shouldn’t let anything hold me back from what I really want. Needless to say, we bought that damn dress.

Get some sun, girl.

Although extensive exposure to the sun can cause damage, my parents aren’t afraid. My mom and dad could spend all day in the hot sun doing yard work or lounging on the porch, and they do; all the time. Say what you will about the sun, I don’t regret a single freckle on my face.

Lotion is key.

My dad loves Baby Magic. You know that powdery smelling lotion you put on infants? My dad lathers on that stuff after every shower he takes. Although the Baby Magic aroma is not one I prefer, the lesson remains. I can’t think of a time I got out of the shower and didn’t smother my body in lotion.

Even though my dad hates skinny jeans and makeup (it’s an art form, dad) he still supports me in everything I do. I am so blessed to have a father in my life who wants me to feel pretty and happy. My dad is nothing short of a fierce feminist. Happy Father’s day, dad.


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