Animal Lives Matter

I want to post something short and sweet today about one of the biggest loves of my life: animals.

For anyone that knows me, I am obsessed with my dogs. Their ability to connect with me emotionally is beyond any human bond I know. This is what started the adoration and respect I have for all animals at this point of my life. After doing loads of research on the meat, dairy, entertainment and beauty industries, I now know of the atrocities that happen at every moment. Animals are being murdered, abused and treated as if they have no emotion or intellect.

Now before you turn away from this topic, I want you to think about your own pet if you have one or any animal that you have interacted with. Can you say that the animal has emotion and is aware of the realities around them? If so, this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to understand.

Animals of all sizes are far more intelligent than many may realize. Pigs for example, “share a number of cognitive capacities with other highly intelligent species such as dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, and even humans,’ said neuroscientist Lori Marino of Emory University. *Read more: here.

“Rats and mice are highly intelligent rodents. They are natural students who excel at learning and understanding concepts. Rats are considerably smaller than dogs, but they are at least as capable of thinking about things and figuring them out as dogs are!” *Read more: here.

Rabbits are also highly intelligent and are capable of loyalty and connection similar to a cat or dog.

Rabbits and rodents are some of the more popular animals to test on in the cosmetic world. We see them as disposable creatures that have no use greater than developing your lipstick and your shaving cream.

We seem to think that because these animals do not speak the same language that our species of animal does, they are lesser beings. 

As consumers, we have the power to vote. When you purchase something from Dove, Secret or Maybelline, you are contributing to the abuse of animals. When you purchase your product from a cruelty-free company, you are telling the corporate world what you value.

I myself struggled with this cognitive dissonance. I knew that I did not want to harm the animals I love, but I also had favorite brands that tested on them. I had to really go deep within myself to solidify what really mattered to me.

Because I chose to go cruelty-free, I felt liberation from my internal moral tug of war and I invite all you beautiful people to do the same.





Vegan ice cream… just shit or THE shit?

Ah, you saw this one coming. Who doesn’t love to blog about the organic, vegan or non-GMO sustenance they put into their bodies? Luckily for you, I’m not here to shove anything down your throat (literally or figuratively). Instead I would simply like to discuss the most important thing we put in our mouths…ice cream. That’s right. Ice cream.

As I began my transition into a vegan lifestyle, two things held me back: ice cream and mac and cheese. The further research I did on the egg and dairy industry however, the more turned off I was by the idea of eating it. Afterall, what’s more important; my taste buds or the livelihood of those cute chickens and cows?

Victoria Vegan Original Alfredo Sauce, 18 oz
All hail, Victoria!

I knew I would have to find an animal friendly alternative so I could have my occasional indulgence (and by occasional I mean everyday lol). The mac and cheese portion of my dilemma was simple: VV, baby. Throw this on your corkscrew pasta, sprinkle some bread crumbs and you are golden.

Ice cream on the other hand, wasn’t so easy. My infatuation toward ice cream was so deeply rooted in my bones, I would eat it everyday. Every. Day. I had tried everything from cashew based to coconut based ice creams, but nothing compared to the real thing. If anything, eating these vegan ice creams made me crave the classic ice creams even more.

So there I was, somewhat hopelessly standing in the freezer aisle of the my local Wal-Mart. Whilst looking for some dairy and egg free ice cream that wasn’t rock hard and watery, something caught my eye. It was like a vision of the divine. A vision of truth, a vision of love.

Ben & Jerry’s. Vegan Ben & Jerry’s. PRAISE THE LORD MY TIME HAS COME.

A high pitched squeak escaped me along with a hop. But not the kind of magical hop that you see in a  Nicolas Sparks’ movie, it was more like this:


You get the idea. I was electrified with joy.

I bought every flavor (as any seasoned ice cream eater would) and after intense trail, I have come to the conclusion of whether vegan ice cream is just shit or the shit.FullSizeRender (1)

First Round: P.B. & Cookies


I was pleasantly surprised by this one considering the fact that I am not fond of Oreo and peanut butter as a pair. This was creamy, chunky and peanut buttery. YUM. Not to mention it only got better as I ate it (oops). There could have been a bit more punch to it, but overall, it was a fair trade for the original. 

Winner by split decision: VEGAN ICE CREAM

Second Round: Chocolate Fudge BrownieMVI_3.gif

Who knew chocolate and brownie could tumble so far off. The texture to this dessert was mediocre and the taste was bland. I’m not sure what went wrong here, but something most definitely did.

Winner by unanimous decision: original dairy ice cream.

Round Three: Chunky Monkey


I was obviously excited about this one. I love bananas so it’s no wonder this one was such rave on my tongue. It was velvety smooth and had flavor to carry me to the moon. 

Winner by submission: VEGAN ICE CREAM

Round Four: Coffee Carmel Fudge

MVI_1909 (1).gif

I have no words for my adoration of this ice cream. It reminds me of a combination I would pick up at Coldstone; a “Love It” with half coffee and half cake batter in a waffle cone. I never imagined I would ever experience a love like that again…until now.

Winner by knock out: VEGAN ICE CREAM

So there you have it. While not all vegan ice cream is exceptional, there are some pints waiting for you that are a national treasure. Your tastebuds (and those cows and chickens) will thank me later.




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